The X-Men Movies Are Not Good

You know, there was a time where I’d argue with MovieBob about this, but after X-Men: Apocalypse failed to impress me on basically every level, I think he’s onto something. Is it time to retire this franchise?

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  1. Robert McElheron says:

    I never read the comics. For someone in that position, I care more about making a watchable movie than an accurate adaptation. Which means I do like the first three movies (yes, even 3). So whatever crack they were trying to patch up after X-Men 3, they’ve somehow managed to turn it into the Grand Canyon. 1 & 2 were easily the best. 3 had its problems, but was still enjoyable. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was soulless, mindless, and directionless. I was underwhelmed by First Class; it felt rushed and one-dimensional, and the characters were very bland. The Wolverine was the best one since X2, even if it took itself a little too seriously. Days of Future Past was okay, and the second-most fitting ending for the series, even though it erased most of the movies. Deadpool I don’t even count. And Apocalypse, well, the less said the better. I disagree that the MOVIES are bad, but trying to enjoy the FRANCHISE is like trying to enjoy a sandwich made out of some fresh food and some rotten food: you’ll keep biting, but you’ll gag. The real problem is: they made too many movies, and tried too many different approaches. It’s become a mess, and when a franchise becomes messy, it’s natural to think back to simpler times, i.e. the earlier movies. X-Men 3 may have its glaring issues, but it’s where I feel the franchise should have ended (and by ended, I mean stopped). Whatever they do next, I’m sure I won’t care. You can’t clean up a mess by adding more to it. Best to pick up what you want to keep, and leave the rest.

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