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My Little Pony Reboot

Many a young girl (and I’m sure the occasional boy) watched My Little Pony back when it was on TV in the 80’s, complete with its cheesy theme song repeating the name of the show over and over again much … Continue reading

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Little Thor!

With all the Thor hype going around thanks to the pending movie release in theatres, a lot of really neat and funny “ads” have been popping up all over the place.

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Portal Kombat!

With both Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat having been released at pretty much the same time, it’s hard to choose only one when your funds are limited.

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Witty Facebook Win!

After seeing so many Facebook Fails, it’s nice to see a witty Facebook Win as this one. It left me thinking of more names and wanting to take part in their conversation! Read through to the end, it’s well worth … Continue reading

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Poor duck, or..?

Animal videos always make me wonder what the animal’s thinking, especially when it’s a situation like this duck’s in. You could argue the duckling isn’t having a good time, but at the very end of the clip it distinctly looks … Continue reading

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Dancing Android

What a great way to promote the Xperia Android phone that has recently released around the world; a dancing android in Taiwan! Now if only the phones came with one of those androids too…

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I Knead You, Kitty!

Nothing beats a massage, and it seems that these two cats are more than aware of this truth!

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Indian Terminator

If there’s one foreign flick that needs to be released in North America, it would be Indian Robot Endhiran. states, “Robot, or Endhiran as the original is called, is India’s costliest film. It stars Rajinikanth, arguably India’s most popular … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero…with real guitars!

This gamer is very excited to hear that Ubisoft plans to release a game, titled Rocksmith, which will allow players to “use almost any guitar…yes, REAL guitar, to plug into the game and play the songs.” ” They will actually strum … Continue reading

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Clubbing with Villains

What would happen if there was a club for villains? What sort of hijinx would be had?

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