Last Link of the Day: Kylo Ren Bloopers

How ’bout now? How ’bout now?

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The whole kingdom, Snow White.

I dunno about this one, guys. It has a solid cast, and the story is pretty scary considering it’s basically the truth. With all of it under the direction of Oliver Stone, you’d think that this would have my interest piqued, and yet…I just can’t get past that ridiculous voice Joseph Gordon-Levitt is putting on. Edward Snowden doesn’t sound like that, and Gordon-Levitt sounds like a kid trying to fake a deep “adult” voice. Every time I was getting into this trailer, that voice would pop in and take me out of it. I don’t know if this will completely defuse the movie for me, but damn, it sure took the impact out of the preview.

Snowden comes out September 16, 2016.

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If I wanted to hit you, I would have hit you.

I don’t usually go in for the feel-good heartwarming movies about families, but Captain Fantastic does the “keep the family together against all odds” thing with an interesting spin. It’s kind of like Peter Pan meets The Royal Tenanbaums or something. I think this could be a good time, and probably make me tear up once or twice.

Captain Fantastic comes out July 8, 2016.

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Before They Were Stars: 14-Year Old Ryan Gosling on “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

It’s no secret that Ryan Gosling had one of his earliest acting roles at age 14 when he appeared on the Canadian anthology TV series, Are You Afraid of the Dark?. But I had no idea that Gosling’s particular episode also featured Gilbert Gottfried as the D.J. of a radio station which transmits signals from the afterlife. So that means it’s broadcast straight from Hell, right?

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Last Link of the Day: Wiener Scares Easily

Oh god!

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You can always count on the Nice Guys

I was already excited for Shane Black’s new film The Nice Guys, but now they’re just playing right into my interests with this retro trailer. I think it says something, though, that I feel like the movie doesn’t need the grindhouse treatment to look awesome. This trailer is great, but it’s basically just adding a couple of extra cherries to an already delicious sundae.

The Nice Guys comes out May 20, 2016.

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One moment…of pure wonder…

Ooooh, I got some chills from this trailer. While The Martian may have been a largely light-hearted (comedy?) movie about being isolated on Mars, Approaching the Unknown manages to feel a lot more isolated, claustrophobic, and threatening with what appears to be only a fraction of the budget. I’ve always thought that the idea of going insane along in space is a great hook for sci-fi storytelling, so this plays right into what I like to see in this kind of film. I wonder if this is what will really happen to the first person we send to Mars.

Approaching the Unknown comes out June 3, 2016.

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Before They Were Stars: Ellie Kemper in a Kmart Commercial

Whenever I post “Before They Were Stars” clips featuring famous actors, I always have to wonder if any of those gigs opened the door for allowing them to officially receive their Screen Actors Guild cards. Well, here is one verified case where that actually did happen, as Ellie Kemper wound up earning her SAG card for appearing in this 2006 commercial for Kmart in which a tarantula crawls across her face.

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The Movie Pitching Guy

I’m pretty sure that this Whitest Kids U Know sketch is a completely accurate depiction of how movie ideas are generated at the major studios. To be fair, I would watch the hell out of The Dam.

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Last Link of the Day: Bernie Sanders as George Costanza

Well this is amazing. I think we’ve figured out what Bernie Sanders can do for his career if he isn’t elected as president.

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