Before They Were Stars: Dean Ambrose Wrestles a Dark Match for TNA

One week ago today, Dean Ambrose reached the top of the pro wrestling world and became the World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Champion. Quite an achievement for a guy who used to wrestle matches in which his forehead was sliced open by a Sawzall. Anyway, in 2008, Ambrose was still wresting under his former name, Jon Moxley, and got a tryout with WWE’s rival promotion, Total NonStop Action Wrestling, a.k.a. TNA. This is footage of him wrestling an untelevised “dark match” before one of TNA’s events against an opponent named Lamar Braxton Porter. In all their infinite wisdom, TNA decided not to offer Moxley/Ambrose a contract and he went on to much bigger things.

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The Reviewinator: Independence Day – Resurgence (2016)


20 years is a long wait for a sequel, but not that long if you weren’t actually waiting for it. I think most people gave up interest in an Independence Day sequel after a few years. The first movie, after all, had such a close-ended finale. The aliens were all dead, and Earth was saved. Where do you go from there? Which is probably the question the filmmakers have been asking each other all this time. But the movie’s trailers suggest the survivors of the first attack had 20 years to prepare. It’s just a shame the filmmakers didn’t use the time as wisely.

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Last Link of the Day: The Mill Blackbird

In the near future, car commercials won’t feature the cars they are advertising at all.

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Shouts From the Back Row – Episode 258 – 2016 So Far and the Career of Anton Yelchin

antonyelchinportrait2016 has been a hell of a year so far. When it comes to movies we’ve had big bombs, big surprises, and some seriously great films…but a dark cloud has hung over the world of popular culture, because we’ve had to say goodbye to a number of beloved celebrities. On this episode of Shouts From the Back Row, Gill, Robin and TK discuss 2016 so far and big farewell to Anton Yelchin: a talented actor taken from us far too soon. Click here to download the episode.

Shouts From the Back Row’s theme music was composed and performed by Vince Nitro!

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Before They Were Stars: Anton Yelchin in “Along Came a Spider”

Later today, our newest episode of Shouts from the Back Row will be posted and we will be discussing the all-too-brief career of the late Anton Yelchin, who died tragically in a freak accident last weekend. Looking back at his filmography, I was surprised to see that he had an early role in Along Came a Spider, the 2001 thriller starring Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross. I saw the movie when it originally came out, but don’t remember much about it, but the 11-year old Yelchin played the son of the Russian President, who is nearly kidnapped by Michael Wincott’s villain in this scene.

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Last Link of the Day: The Real Ghostbusters

This blows my mind. I had no idea that the credits for the old Ghostbusters cartoon were created as part of a pitch/promo. Who you gonna call?

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The Reviewinator: Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)


Based on the popularity of “penny dreadfuls”, 19th Century British stories famous for their lewd and violent content, Penny Dreadful interweaves several classic horror stories and sets them in 19th Century London. You have Dracula, Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Gray, and (as of the 3rd Season) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, all in one place. There are vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, and immortal beings. It may sound like the British version of True Blood, but it’s far more than that. And if you’re a James Bond fan (yay!), you may recognize more than a few names and faces.

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Before They Were Stars: Linda Cardellini in Dee Snider’s “Strangeland”

Yes, that’s the same Dee Snider of Twisted Sister fame! Before Rob Zombie became the world’s most successful heavy metal star-turned-horror director, Dee Snider tried his hand at writing, producing and starring in his own horror film, Strangeland. Snider played the psychotic Captain Howdy, who abducts young girls and performs “body art” torture on them. A young Linda Cardellini had one of her earliest roles as the teenage heroine in Strangeland and in the following clip, she is abducted, kept naked in a cage, and has her mouth stitched shut.

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Last Link of the Day: Overly Enthusiastic Sports Fans

And the crowd goes wild!

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The X-Men Movies Are Not Good

You know, there was a time where I’d argue with MovieBob about this, but after X-Men: Apocalypse failed to impress me on basically every level, I think he’s onto something. Is it time to retire this franchise?

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