The Raptor Whisperer

I hate to admit it, but I actually felt a bit of tension at the end of this clip. But that doesn’t mean that I think Jurassic World is going to be good, mind you. I think the movie is going to be a theme park ride – entertaining for the duration, but immediately forgettable once it’s over. And let’s face it: Chris Pratt, Raptor Whisperer is pretty silly.

Jurassic World comes out June 12, 2015.

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Scientifically Accurate Catdog

Fun fact about me: I loathe Catdog. Just something about that cartoon was a little too grotesque and weird for me to willingly subject myself to it. I’m no stranger to the bizarre, but that doesn’t mean I want to look at it. Anyway, this “Scientifically Accurate” Catdog video perfectly illustrates why I dislike the show.

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Before They Were Stars: Evangeline Lilly as an Extra in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”

During the early portion of her career, Evangeline Lilly seemed to alternate between doing phone sex ads and playing uncredited extras in Hollywood films shot in Vancouver, including Freddy vs. Jason. Here’s Evangeline popping up in The Lizzie McGuire Movie in the uncredited blink-or-you’ll-miss-it role of an airport police officer. It would actually be funny if this was a flashback from an alternate timeline on Lost where Kate was an airport cop who prevented Lizzie McGuire from getting on that fateful flight.

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You do it because he’s brilliant

I have been anxiously awaiting this movie since I first heard of its development, and now we finally have a trailer! The End of the Tour is based off of David Lipsky’s account of travelling with esteemed author David Foster Wallace during the book tour for the novel that made him famous.

The book that this is based on is a beautiful narrative combined with the staggering genius of Wallace and his work, and is well worth a read. I’ve heard good things about Segal in this role, and it really looks like he’s killing it.

If you haven’t read any Wallace before, Infinite Summer is just around the corner – read Infinite Jest at the pace of just 75 pages a week!

The End of the Tour is scheduled for wide release on July 31st, 2015

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Last Link of the Day: Car to Ship via Planks

This is some white-knuckle footage! I hear George Miller is going to be adapting this as his next project.

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Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights

I feel like it’s been a while since the Bad Lip Reading Channel put out anything as good as this. Redneck Avengers takes earth’s mightiest heroes and transplants them into the deep south. Frankly, I think this is what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should have been like.

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I can never get enough of Screen Junkies Honest Trailers, and this time they’re going after a movie that I’m amazed they haven’t lampooned before. Ugh, and has it really been 17 years since Armageddon was released? I feel incredibly old.

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Before They Were Stars: Jon Voight in “Fearless Frank”

Here’s a real curiosity: in 1967, Jon Voight made his film debut in a low-budget superhero spoof called Fearless Frank. Voight played the title character, a clueless drifter who is murdered by mobsters before a scientist reanimates him and turns him into a superhero. The campy tone was obviously done to capitalize on the huge popularity of the Batman TV series at the time, but the whole film looks pretty inept. But, believe it or not, even though Fearless Frank looks like it was made by people with no clue about the concept of filmmaking, the director was Philip Kaufman, who would go on to helm such classics as the Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake and The Right Stuff.

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Last Link of the Day: Didn’t get the job

Eat from me. Drink from me.

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There is no exit.

I quite like the idea of an open-world, Fallout 3-style Mad Max video game, but now that I’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m suddenly way more excited for this. The game itself looks like a pretty good time, but the appeal of just more Mad Max stuff is at an all-time high for me. Give me video games, movies, everything. And now, please.

Mad Max: Savage Road comes out September 1, 2015.

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