Gill’s On Vacation – Part 61: Miami Connection

It’s the last weekend of the summer months! So let’s revel in these last few days before work and school descend upon us with one of the best worst movies of all time! I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.

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Gill’s On Vacation – Part 60: The Babadook

If you’ve been feeling lonely because of my absence, just turn off the lights and play this movie. Then you won’t feel like you’re alone at all.

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Before They Were Stars: John Leguizamo Shoots Harrison Ford in “Regarding Henry”

You obviously know that J.J. Abrams is the director of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, but did you know that this movie has allowed him to reunite with Harrison Ford after 24 years? Not a lot of people know that Abrams (then going by the name Jeffrey Abrams) wrote the spec script for the 1991 drama, Regarding Henry, in which Ford played the decidedly non-Han Solo-esque role of a lawyer who suffers serious brain damage after being shot during a robbery. Abrams also had a small role as a delivery boy in the film, but if that wasn’t enough “Before They Were Stars” material, the gunman who fires the near-fatal bullet is a young John Leguizamo, who gets one whole line of dialogue before he comes closer to murdering Harrison Ford than pretty much any other character in cinema history.

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Gill’s On Vacation – Part 59: Robin Williams Live on Broadway

Let’s take a quick break from our movie marathon for some standup from a recently departed legend.

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Recovering The Mindset

With Hannibal sadly behind us now, I was clicking through various articles and stumbled across Matthew Morettini’s rather clever cut of a meeting between Hannibal and Will Graham, as displayed through the ages. The dialogue is almost verbatim from Thomas Harris’ novels, and makes my skin crawl.

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Gill’s On Vacation – Part 58: Plan 9 From Outer Space

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like to vary the quality of the movies in my marathons by large margins. So here’s one of the worst movies ever made: Ed Wood’s magnum opus Plan 9 From Outer Space! You see? Your stupid minds! STUPID!

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Before They Were Stars: Kane Wrestles Sting as “Bruiser Mastino” in WCW

Now that Sting, the legendary icon of World Championship Wrestling, has finally gotten a run in World Wrestling Entertainment to cap off his career and is going to be headlining the company’s next pay-per-view in a title match, I thought I’d pull out some 22-year old footage of the Stinger wrestling one of WWE’s top stars before he was famous. After wrestling under a slew of failed gimmicks such as “The Christmas Creature”, Glenn Jacobs finally found his niche in 1997 when he was given the character of Kane, the half-brother of the Undertaker. In spite of being involved in some of the silliest wrestling storylines of all time, the Kane character is still going strong 18 years later. Anyway, in spite of being a WWE lifer, Glenn Jacobs did get a brief of coffee in WCW in 1993, taking on Sting in a match under the name “Bruiser Mastino”.

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Gill’s On Vacation – Part 57: Fantastic Four (1994)

I’m currently out of internet range, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that by now the new Fantastic Four movie is out of theatres. And not a moment too soon! It was an absolute stinker. You know it’s bad when the cheeseball Roger Corman movie is better than the one with ten times the budget!

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Before They Were Stars: Wes Craven Cameos in Porn!

Note: This is a repost of “Before They Were Stars” feature from four years ago, but I felt it should go back into the spotlight following the unfortunate recent death of Wes Craven, who has passed away of brain cancer at the age of 76. R.I.P. to one of the greatest horror directors of all time.

Though he doesn’t like to talk about it too much, Wes Craven had to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work on porn films in the 1970s in order to pay the bills. Pretty much all his work was uncredited or done under a pseudonym, but when he makes an actual appearance on camera in one of them, there’s nothing you can do to hide the evidence. Even though his debut horror film, The Last House on the Left, was a huge success, the immense controversy surrounding its release meant that Craven couldn’t get the funding to direct his follow-up effort, The Hills Have Eyes, for five years. In the meantime, he made this brief unbilled cameo playing a sleazy photographer in a 1976 hardcore porn film called Sweet Cakes.

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Gill’s On Vacation – Part 56: Cave Dwellers

Our week-long MST3K marathon wraps up with my absolute favourite episode: Cave Dwellers! How much Keefe is in this? Why, Miles O’Keefe!

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