You gotta cock it, motherf—–

When Air Force One is shot down by terrorists leaving The President of the United States stranded in the wilderness, there is only person who can save him – a 13-year old boy called Oskari, who had been planning to track down a deer, but instead discovers the most powerful man on the planet in an escape pod. With the terrorists closing in, the unlikely duo must team up to escape their hunters as Pentagon officials observe the action via satellite feed.

You’re getting a double-dose of Samuel L. Jackson today! If you listen to our podcast, you know that we’re all eagerly anticipating Big Game as one of the wackiest movies being released this year. Jackson is the President and he teams up with the kid from Rare Exports to fight Ray Stevenson. Sold! And hey, now it has a release date!

Big Game comes out June 26, 2015.

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Hope…I’ll take that from them first.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be one of the biggest movies of 2015, and that’s saying something considering we’re also getting a new Star Wars movie this year. So what can I possibly say about it? I could try to be a downer and say “Will this be the end? Will the Marvel bubble burst in the wake of Avengers 2?” But we all know that’s nonsense. This movie is going to make a bazillion dollars and Marvel will keep making movies forever, whether or not they maintain a high standard of quality. And frankly, I think this looks awesome. It’s not going to be deep or meaningful, but this is exactly the kind of summer blockbuster entertainment that I love. If I have one complaint, though, it’s that Thor looks ridiculous in this moment:

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 1, 2015.

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Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Robert Redford and Walter Koenig on “The Untouchables”

I’ve spent the entire week searching for footage of early roles from the original Star Trek cast and discovered that Walter Koenig had an uncredited bit part on a 1963 episode of The Untouchables. However, it was also cool to discover that a young Robert Redford also had one of his earliest roles in this episode as a budding young bootlegger who intends to peddle illegal booze to a college campus. Look for Walter Koenig’s brief appearance as a college student at the 7:30 mark of this clip.

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Last Link of the Day: Dad Joke Duel

This basically happens at every one of my family reunions.

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President Snow? President Snow? President Snow?

I have yet to sit down and watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, but from everything I’ve heard, I really shouldn’t bother. As if the end of Catching Fire wasn’t a big enough cliffhanger, Mockingjay – Part 1 doesn’t even tell a complete story! Oh, Philip Seymour Hoffman, if only this wasn’t one of your final roles.

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Blackbird Swanman

“New York City — two artists, two opening nights, two rival figures, and one center stage. Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman bares many striking resemblances to Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, in terms of plot, characters, and on-screen imagery. Having seen both films beforehand is highly recommended.”

So says Miguel Branco, who has kindly edited shots from both Birdman and Black Swan into a side-by-side comparison video for us to scrutinize. What is it about theatrical madness that appeals to the Academy so much? Rhetorical question – I don’t care. I like both of these movies.

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Before They Were Stars: DeForest Kelley on “Science Fiction Theatre”

The death of Leonard Nimoy last week has compelled me to keep digging up early footage of the original Star Trek cast before they set foot on the Enterprise. You may recognize the title, Science Fiction Theatre, because George McFly said it was his favourite television program in Back to the Future, but Science Fiction Theatre was actually a real anthology TV series which aired for two years during the mid-1950s. Over the course of the show’s run, DeForest Kelley got some of his earliest brushes with the genre which eventually made him famous by appearing in three different episodes.

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Last Link of the Day: Wiring Fail

Let this be a lesson to all you DIY-ers.

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The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Anna Fritz is a very famous and beautiful actress, considered one of the most desired women in the world. Suddenly, she dies.

Pau works as an orderly at the hospital where Anna Fritz was taken to. Pau is a shy and introverted youth. Often, when the body of a young woman is brought to the morgue, he can’t resist watching her. When he enters the morgue with the corpse of Anna Fritz, he takes a picture of her naked body and sends it to his friend Ivan.

Ivan and Javi are Pau’s only friends, and go visit him at the hospital. They are a little drunk and Ivan wants to see the naked body of Anna Fritz. She is there… They can’t lose this opportunity.

Be warned, readers: this post is not for the faint of heart.

I once read a news article about a girl who died. The mortician who tended to her body was a necrophiliac, and in the process of having sex with her corpse, actually succeeded in reviving the girl. Her family had no idea what to do: on the one hand, this man had defiled the body of their daughter. On the other hand, he had brought her back to life.

I remember reading the article and feeling deeply disturbed. What a strange and twisted turn of events…the perfect kind of thing to use as the basis for a horror movie. Now, I’m not sure if that incident had anything to do with the creation of The Corpse of Anna Fritz, but the subject matter certainly appears similar. This is an unusual case for me, because I want to see this movie – I think it looks disturbing and creepy in a raw, gritty, independent thriller sort of way – but at the same time, I don’t know if I want to see this movie. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it, and I’m not the only one. Unsurprisingly, this film is proving to be extremely controversial at SXSW.

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Attack of the Clones

Orphan Black‘s third season is fast approaching, and while I’m still really into this show, I’m worried that it’s going to end up suffering from one of the major complaints I had about The Hobbit movies: that there are just too many characters. In this trailer we can clearly see that Mark, one of our heroes’ pursuers, is in fact a clone. So we’re going to have about a dozen clone characters running around played by only two actors. Guys, it’s time to start killing them off. It’s not like you’re going to be getting rid of a talented actor in the process: the actors will still have many, many clones to play. Initially, I thought one of the best things about Orphan Black was going to be the fact that anyone could be killed at any moment, since they were all being played by the same actor. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. So, uh, let’s raise the stakes a bit, shall we? I think it’s time for Cosima to go, at least, even if she’s my favourite of the bunch.

Orphan Black starts again on April 18, 2015.

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