Captain America: The Honest Soldier

I love that the Honest Trailer series from Screen Junkies will attempt to skewer any movie that the fans demand, even if the movie is a good one. Such is the case with this trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nitpick it all you want, folks, this was a damn fun movie.

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Before They Were Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger Acts Alongside Lucille Ball

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lucille Ball is not an acting combination you’d ever expect to see, but here’s the ultra-rare video evidence. In 1974, in the midst of his bodybuilding career, Arnold had a small role in Happy Anniversary and Goodbye, a made-for-TV comedy special starring Lucille Ball and Art Carney. As you can see, Arnold’s command of the English language was still not great here and he was apparently so shell-shocked about performing in front of a live studio audience that he completely froze up at first.

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Last Link of the Day: Back to School With East Hills

One of the most beautifully terrible mall commercials ever.

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Wrong Number

I ain’t watching it, but far be it for me to stand in the way of viewing over an hour of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number gameplay footage! Apparently this lengthy playthrough even contains a look at the level editor – one of my most anticipated new features of the game. When’s this coming out again? Sometime in the next two months, maybe?

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Bit City

The long-awaited sequel to Sin City is finally being released this weekend, and it seems like it just took too long to get made, because I don’t know anyone who is even remotely excited to see it. Well, except me. Yes, I’m still interested. Anyway, in celebration of the release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, CineFix has given the original Sin City their 8-bit cinema treatment. I would play this game.

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Before They Were Stars: Madonna: The Basement Tapes

It’s amazing to think how “Before They Were Stars” footage was treated before the Internet. Today, footage like that can be uploaded to Youtube in seconds. However, during the eighties and early nineties, if you possessed ultra-rare footage of a celebrity before they were famous, you could probably sell it to a news magazine show for a hefty sum. Such was the case with this segment entitled “Madonna: The Basement Tapes”, where videotapes of an unknown Madonna performing at a Long Island nightclub in 1983 were sold to a news program, who found the footage so compelling that they decided to split the story up into two separate parts.

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Last Link of the Day: Slippery Squirrel

For some reason, messing with squirrels ranks high on my list of things that make me laugh.

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Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six

Speaking of documentaries, here’s one that’s a bit more traditional than 20 000 Days on Earth. Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six is a doc about the art of movie posters, and I can already predict that it will make me feel absolutely miserable. I love good poster art, and I’m really glad to see Mondo and fan-made posters getting love, but modern movie posters make me so sad. It’s all just lousy Photoshop. I would rather have fewer posters and have them look incredible than have so many rotten poster designs out there (compare this one for X-Men: Days of Future Past and this one for Guardians of the Galaxy and the difference in quality will be obvious). And I bet the guys in this documentary feel the same way.

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Do you ever have that sense of being an outsider?

Nick Cave is one of those performers who exudes a strange and compelling charismatic energy. Everything he does intrigues me, and so of course I’m already interested in 20 000 Days on Earth, a documentary that chronicles 24 hours in the life of Nick Cave as he records his album Push the Sky Away. The thing is, it’s not exactly a documentary. The film is scripted by Cave, and yet…it kind of is a documentary. Trust in Nick Cave to give us something impossible to categorize. Drafthouse Films, those wonderful people who are rapidly becoming my favourite production company ever, have picked up the film for release this fall. And I can’t wait.

20 000 Days on Earth comes out September 17, 2014.

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Before They Were Stars: Wesley Snipes in a Western Union Commercial

I can’t tell you how many “Before They Were Stars” commercials I’ve found which I distinctly remembering watching on TV during my youth… without knowing they featured a future celebrity. As another example, here’s a young Wesley Snipes begging for money in this 1987 ad for Western Union. I don’t know about you, but it’s impossible for me to watch Wesley Snipes speaking on a telephone without expecting him to say this…

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