Unsolved Mysteries Halloween Ghost Special

Robin will love this one: it’s the Unsolved Mysteries Halloween Ghost special! In case you hadn’t guessed, in place of our usual Creep-a-thon movie lineup, this year I’m doing awesome Halloween TV specials, and this Unsolved Mysteries special is no exception. Watch out for Tallman’s Ghost!

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Elvira’s 1986 MTV Halloween Special

Hey hey, kiddies! It’s Halloween! And because it’s Halloween, it’s time for ELVIRA! That sultry vampiric vixen with the low-cut top is the perfect hostess for Halloween shenanigans, so if you want some retro fun to throw on in the background of your party, look no further. It’s Elvira’s 1986 MTV Halloween Special!

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Shouts From the Back Row – Episode 187 – This Is Halloween

HornsPosterHappy Halloween, everyone! Wear a wacky costume! Eat some candy! And, of course, tune in to our annual Halloween episode of Shouts From the Back Row! On this show, Gill, Robin and TK have each selected a horror movie that their fellow podcasters hadn’t seen before. All the movies have been watched, and now it’s time to review them! In the lineup today: The Raven from 1935, starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, Frenzy from 1972, Hitchcock’s only R-rated movie, and Horns from 2014, the recently released horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe as a man who becomes a devil…literally! Click here to download the episode!

Music for this week’s podcast was composed and performed by our very own Vince Nitro!

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Before They Were Stars: “Campfire Tales”

To celebrate Halloween, I’m going to do a “Before They Were Stars” first: I’m just going to flat-out post an entire movie! Campfire Tales is a 1997 anthology horror film which covers multiple stories about scary urban legends. It would normally be completely forgettable, but Campfire Tales just happens to feature a plethora of notable actors in early roles. They may not all be A-list stars, but we’re talking the likes of James Marsden, Amy Smart, Christine Taylor, Ron Livingston, Jacinda Barrett, Christopher Masterson and Jay R. Ferguson, all in the same movie together before they were famous! So enjoy this mediocre, but star-studded horror film and have a happy Halloween!

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Last Link of the Day: The Suitsy

At last.

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How to Make a Hit Halloween Song

Even though I’m not an especially musically inclined person, I always enjoy Brett Domino‘s tutorials on how to write hit pop songs. In this one he’s getting into the spooky spirit of the Halloween season with his synthy key-tar.

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I feel a feeling…

That’s right, after a lengthy hiatus, the bizarre hit cartoon webseries Baman Piderman is back for a third season, and….it looks like things are even weirder than usual! Man, this is trippy stuff, much trippier than before. I don’t quite know what to make of it, but I can’t say I’m not interested to see where it all goes.

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Before They Were Strs: Mariska Hargitay in “Ghoulies”

This is probably one of the more notable “Before They Were Stars” appearances in a horror flick as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay made her screen debut with a supporting role in the infamous 1985 horror-comedy, Ghoulies. Ghoulies has to be one of the most inexplicably successful horror films ever as it’s nothing more than a pretty lousy Gremlins clone, but it somehow managed to gross $35 million at the box office and spawned three sequels. In this scene, Hartigay’s boyfriend is attacked by a demon and she displays acting chops which are truly befitting of a future Emmy and Golden Globe winner.

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Last Link of the Day: Tape Prank

You’re not going to get me again.

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It’s about time the Honest Trailers series got around to lampooning Saw! I still stand by my opinion that the first movie was a really solid horror film, but I can’t disagree with this trailer’s assessment that the sequels were all ridiculous and pretty dumb. Want to play a game?

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