Last Link of the Day: Ox Baker on “The Price of Right”

Legendary professional wrestler Ox Baker passed away this week at the age of 80. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, you probably recognize this behemoth from his fight scene with Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. Believe it or not, Ox also once appeared as a contestant and won some prizes on The Price is Right and it’s so surreal to see him acting like a normal guy while wearing a name tag which reads “Douglas”.

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Between the Lines: Inception

When it comes to internet video reviewers, Kyle Kallgren is by far my favourite. Not only is he hilariously funny, but he offers mind-blowing insight into every film he analyzes. I named Inception as my movie of the year in 2010, the year that The Back Row was born, and if you comb through the archives you can find a number of articles that I wrote analyzing all of the facets of Inception. Or so I thought. In this episode of Between the Lines, Kyle draws some fascinating connection between Christopher Nolan’s dream heist movie and some other interesting entries in the annals of film history. BRAAAAAAHM!

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Gerard Parkes Gets Drunk on “Today’s Special”

If you’re familiar with the late Gerard Parkes, best known for playing Doc on Fraggle Rock, you probably got a big kick out of his hilarious cameo in The Boondock Saints as a profane bar owner with Tourette syndrome. But that wasn’t the first time Doc ever showcased his angry side. I recently combed through Gerard Parkes’ filmography and saw one credit which suddenly brought back traumatic memories from my childhood. And lo and behold, I even found the footage for it. If you were a Canadian kid during the 1980s, you might remember the TVOntario children’s show, Today’s Special, which showcased the escapades of a group of characters inside a department store while it was closed at night. At one point, Parkes made a guest appearance on an episode of the show as an alcoholic photographer, who gets progressively more intoxicated during an overnight photo shoot while he sneaks sips from his whiskey flask. Yes, you read that right! This may have been the first time I was ever introduced to the concept of alcoholism and, believe me, at that age, it was pretty disturbing to see lovable old Doc from Fraggle Rock get drunk and start chewing out Muffy Mouse! But I give major props to Today’s Special as I doubt you’d find many children’s shows willing to do something like this these days.

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Before They Were Stars: Gerard Parkes on “The Littlest Hobo”

If you were a Canadian kid during the 1980s, you have recently lost a piece of your childhood as Irish-Canadian actor Gerard Parkes just passed away at the age of 80. Of course, Parkes is best known for playing the role of Doc on the iconic Jim Henson series, Fraggle Rock. Prior to Fraggle Rock, Parkes had been acting on Canadian television for years, so it’s probably inevitable that he once made a guest appearance on another Canuck institution, The Littlest Hobo, playing a doctor who is helped by the dog to track down a man with the plague.

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Last Link of the Day: Sleepy Dog

I wonder if my face is this animated when I’m asleep.

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Tuck Me In

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means horror stuff! Here’s a short film from Filminute (films in a minute, of course) that makes the most of a brief premise. Inspired by a two-line horror story from reddit, this short is pretty creepy. But I dunno, I think that kid is too happy to really nail the scary vibe. Note the word “quivering” in the story. Not enough quivering here.

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Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

I recently happened upon this webseries called “Agitators” about people who enjoy committing small acts of evil and annoyance. The first episode is gold: why do Starbucks employees spell your name wrong? The answer: they’re fucking with you.

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Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Sam Rockwell and Margaret Cho in a High School Improv Group

This is a 1986 promotional video for the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts. Right from the outset, you know this school must have been an effective one as they showcase a clip of their improv group, featuring two teenage classmates who on to become successful stars: Sam Rockwell and Margaret Cho.

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Before They Were Stars: Angela Bassett in “Kindergarten Cop”

There’s always a good excuse to post footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger losing his patience with children, like this scene from Kindergarten Cop where Arnold scares a bratty kid by snapping a pencil in half. Take a look at the flight attendant bringing Arnold his breakfast: that’s a young Angela Bassett in a very brief early role.

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Last Link of the Day: Goddamn you, cat!

As a cat owner, I can relate.

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