Before They Were Stars: Mark Ruffalo in a Clearasil Commercial

It’s amusing to picture good-looking Hollywood heartthrobs having to worry about pimples. Well, that’s what Mark Ruffalo had to think about when he appeared in this commercial for Clearasil back in 1989.

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Runstedler’s DVD Pick of the Month: The Addiction

Abel Ferrara’s 1995 film The Addiction is a philosophical and metaphorical revisionist take on conventional vampire themes and style. Gone are the ridiculous glittering vampires and even the glamorous vampires of lore (i.e. Dracula). Instead, the vampires of this film are sickly, amoral, and degenerate, and very human. In the original vampire stories of folklore, the bloodsucker was hardly an aristocratic seducer, but instead a bloated and diseased creature, returning from the dead and usually from lower class backgrounds.

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Last Link of the Day: The Mysterious Floating Orb

Weird Al is a hell of a magician.

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Until Dawn

I just finished playing Beyond: Two Souls the other night, and I have to say, between the slowish pace and the lack of consequences when it came to making choices in the game, the whole experience got pretty boring by the end. I have some hope that Until Dawn will be better, though, as it not only promises many branching paths based on the decisions you make as you try to outwit a serial killer stalking you, but it also looks like it keeps the pace moving quickly and the tension high. It could just turn out to be a breakneck-speed Choose Your Own Adventure book, but I think it has potential. I wonder if Hayden Panettierre wears that towel through the entire game.

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The Final Episode of Serial

Robin and I (and most of the podcast-listening world) have lately been wrapped up in the awesome podcast Serial, a true crime investigation into a case that’s 15 years old. The final episode is coming up and, well, sadly I suspect that we’ll never find out whodunnit. It looks like Funny or Die has had the same thought, because this short about poor Sarah Koenig trying to live up to expectations is both hilarious and highly likely to come true.

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Before They Were Stars: Bob Saget on “Bosom Buddies”

Bosom Buddies is a sitcom from the early 1980s about two male friends who disguise themselves as women in order to move into a cheap apartment. It is notable because a young Tom Hanks played one of the bosom buddies and this early role helped put him on the map. The beginning of this particular episode also features one of the earliest television appearances of Bob Saget, who plays a hack comedian. Yeah, I know, that role sounds like a major stretch, doesn’t it?

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Last Link of the Day: Finishing the Basement

I really wonder if it took more time editing this thing than it took to finish the actual basement.

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Knight of Cups

Here’s a trailer for Terrence Malick’s new film Knight of Cups, which appears to combine critique of the celebrity lifestyle with Malick’s trademark gorgeously photographed realism. Y’know, I think I’d like Malick’s movies a lot more if he teamed up with someone like Alejandro Jodorowsky or Gaspar Noe. Just chuck a bit of surrealism in there and I’d be way, way more interested.

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The Honesty of Smaug

I’m super busy this week, guys, so my comments on these posts are going to be pretty short. Here’s a new Honest Trailer from those lovable scamps over at Screen Junkies. And while I enjoy the Hobbit movies well enough, I can’t really argue with any of their points here.

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Before They Were Stars: Michael Richards on “Night Court”

Kramer on Night Court?! Giddy up! That’s right, back in 1984, Michael Richards made a guest appearance on an episode of Night Court as a mentally unstable defendant who believes he’s invisible. He even gets naked at the end of the episode.

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