Last Link of the Day: Broccoli Rat

Broccoli: not even good enough for a rat.

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It begins…

It begins.The glut of Super Bowl trailers! I honestly couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl, but I do love how it always brings with it some top-notch movie ads. Here’s a new TV spot for The Avengers! Hard to believe this movie is only about three months away.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 1, 2015.

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Shouts From the Back Row – Episode 198 – The Best J.K. Simmons Performances

jksimmons2J.K. Simmons is one of our favourite character actors working today, and with his Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 2015 Oscars, it’s high time that we discuss his work. On this episode Gill, Robin and TK list their top 3 favourite J.K. Simmons performances, touching upon when they first took note of Simmons and what his chances are of getting an Academy Award. Click here to download the episode!

Shouts From the Back Row’s theme music was composed and performed by Vince Nitro!

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Before They Were Stars: 6-Year Old Laura Dern as an Extra in “White Lightning”

Today marks the final edition of “Before They Were Stars” for this year’s Oscar nominees. Laura Dern has garnered her second career nomination for her role as Reese Witherspoon’s mother in Wild. Since Dern is the daughter of actress Diane Ladd, she spent her childhood making the odd uncredited appearance as  background extra in some of her mother’s movies. Dern’s first appearance in front of a camera was alongside her mother in the 1973 Burt Reynolds action film, White Lightning. You can first see her in the background at the 9:50 mark of this clip as the blonde girl on the tire swing.

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Last Link of the Day: Amazing Card Trick

How’d he do that?!

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True Lebowski

Wait, I haven’t posted this already? Consider that problem remedied. Man, I’m really looking forward to seeing what season 2 of True Detective has in store for us. But it won’t include the Dude, so already this mashup is superior.

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The Reign of Jupiter

You know it’s a good day when there’s a new trailer for Jupiter Ascending! Man, what am I going to do with myself once this movie is released? It’s hard to believe that, after so long, this movie is only a week and a half away. So let’s recap what we know, shall we?

  • 1. Channing Tatum is a kung fu space elf with rocket boots
  • 2. Mila Kunis is the queen of the universe, who has been living in Chicago
  • 3. Sean Bean’s character is named Stinger and has bee DNA
  • 4. Terry Gilliam is in this movie
  • 5. The bad guys include Gundam Wings, gargoyles, big dudes in gimp masks, and Eddie Redmayne

I think we can safely retitle that list to “5 reasons to see Jupiter Ascending,” am I right?

Jupiter Ascending comes out February 6, 2015.

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Before They Were Stars: Mark Ruffalo in “54”

Now that the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards have been announced, it’s time for an annual tradition here at The Back Row: “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s nominees! Mark Ruffalo has garnered his second career Oscar nomination for his performance in Foxcatcher. Believe it or not, back in 1998, there was a genuine attempt to create Oscar buzz for Mike Myers, who delivered a more serious performance than usual in 54, a drama chronicling the rise and fall of New York City’s Studio 54. The film turned out to be nothing more than a forgettable disappointment, but it did provide an early role for Mark Ruffalo. You can see Ruffalo in the background of this scene as one of Ryan Phillippe’s friends, sporting long hair and a pornstache.

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Last Link of the Day: Bobblehead

They call him rubberneck.

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The Russians Are Coming

Set during Stalin’s reign of the Soviet Union, the film revolves around a pro-Stalin security officer who sets about investigating a series of cruel child murders in a communist country which believes that this is the sort of crime that only occurs in capitalist society. His actions get him demoted and exiled, but he refuses to give up, pursuing the truth with his wife’s support.

This movie is a bit heavier than most of the films I look forward to, but the cast has got me thoroughly interested. Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Gary Oldman, Charles Dance and Vincent Cassel? Um, yes, yes, I will watch this. It’s interesting how much Tom Hardy’s Russian accent makes him sound like Bane. I hope that doesn’t break the movie for me.

Child 44 comes out April 17, 2015.

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