Before They Were Stars: Glenn Beck as an Extra on “Cheers”

This may be the most ironic “Before They Were Stars” feature I’ve ever done. I think we can all agree that Glenn Beck is infamousĀ for spreading what can best be described as the polar opposite of cheer, so it’s quite amusing that he once appeared as a background extra on this 1990 episode of Cheers.

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2 Responses to Before They Were Stars: Glenn Beck as an Extra on “Cheers”

  1. knight4444 says:

    ROTFLMAO, glen beck a star?? seriously?? glen beck is nothing but a stooge who figured out talking like a john birch society member would make him popular with the tea party/ GOP klan.

  2. Pat says:

    So you’ve never actually listened to Beck, yet you feel the need to talk about him. How odd.

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