Glenn Frey in “Let’s Get Harry”

Man, as if we haven’t lost enough iconic artists during the first few weeks of 2016, legendary musician Glenn Frey of the Eagles fame has just passed away at the age of 67. Unfortunately, I’m no music expert, so I can’t really comment too much on that aspect of his career, but I can shine the spotlight on Frey’s brief foray into acting. In 1986, Frey starred in an action flick which might have the worst title ever attached for a motion picture: Let’s Get Harry. Mark Harmon stars as Harry, who is kidnapped by a drug lord in Colombia, so Harry’s brother (played by Michael Schoeffling of Sixteen Candles fame) assembles a team of mercenaries and launches a rescue mission to… well, get Harry. In what might be one of the oddest movie teams ever, the mercenaries are played by Robert Duvall, Gary Busey, Thomas F. “Biff Tannen” Wilson, and, yes, the one and only Glenn Frey! It’s a pretty stupid action film (all attempts to take the story seriously are shattered once you remember the title is Let’s Get Harry!), but a perfectly agreeable time-killer. With such a eclectic cast, you might be wondering with this movie isn’t better known. Well, probably because it was directed by a guy who always seems to be associated with shitty films: “Alan Smithee”. In other words, after a bunch of studio interference and post-production tinkering, director Stuart Rosenberg wanted his name removed from the picture and Let’s Get Harry pretty much sunk into obscurity after its release. But here’s a glimpse of the late Glenn Frey’s brush with 1980s action cinema…

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